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What is Lightspeed? (HTML)
What's this game all about?

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Discuss Lightspeed, Fuzion, Science Fiction Gaming, or other related topics.

Instant Lightspeed (PDF)
UPDATED 10/21/02! Free Introductory Game. Protect and Serve the Galaxy as one of the Federation's Astro Police Rangers. The new rules have been updated with new NPC's, new layout, and LOTS of new art!
You can still download the old version.
The old version is also available in, of all languages, Latvian! by Ainars Kulpe.
Also Available in HTML!

Lightspeed: Planets of the Interstellar Era (PDF)
UPDATED 4/26/03! Discover 24 exciting new worlds with Lightspeed: Planets of the Interstellar Era, a 60-page PDF sourcebook for Lightspeed by Colin Dunn. Lightspeed: Planets of the Interstellar Era is available for download for only $5.00 from! Lightspeed: Planets of the Interstellar Era requires Lightspeed.

Lightspeed: Psi Rangers (PDF)
UPDATED 10/21/02! Explore the world of Galaxy-smashing Psychic Powers with Lightspeed's First Supplement! This is a completely new edition of Psi Rangers. Lightspeed: Psi Rangers requires Lightspeed.
You can still download the old version. The old version requires Instant Lightspeed to play.
Also Available in HTML!

Instant Lightspeed: StarForce (PDF)
Join the Galaxy's elite interstellar defense and exploration team: StarForce! Complete with character generation rules for StarForce officers and new Starships. Requires Instant Lightspeed to play.
Also Available in HTML!

Lightspeed Character Sheet (PDF)
UPDATED 06/30/02! A PDF Character Sheet for your Lightspeed games.

Instant Lightspeed Character Sheet (PDF)
An Instant Lightspeed Character sheet by Cybermessiah.

Lightspeed Datapad (HTML)
UPDATED 07/05/02!Your online guide to the world of Lightspeed.

Testimonials (HTML)
Here's what some people had to say about Instant Lightspeed.

Digital Publisher's Group (WWW)
Lightspeed is a part of the Digital Publisher's Group, a consortium of role-playing game developers who publish on the Web. Find other PDF games, contact publishing companies, learn useful tips, and more!.

With the release of the updated version in May, 2003, the errata has been re-set. As new errors are found, they will be released here.

Five Rangers
Five sample Instant Lightspeed characters created by real players. Nomi Nakamoto, Addis, Matt Houston, Scotch Corbin, and Jail Donovan.

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Special Preview Section!

Lightspeed Preview Art
UPDATED 06/30/02! Art from Lightspeed, available now from RPGnet Mall.

Lightspeed Chapter 1: Introduction (PDF)
The first chapter of Lightspeed, complete with front and back cover, Table of Contents, and Introduction.

Enemies and Allies (PDF)
An example page out of Chapter 8: Enemies and Allies, showing two of the 53 example characters: The AstroPol Ranger and the Colonial Peace Officer.

Sensors (HTML)
A preview of Lightspeed's Spaceship and Vehicle Sensor rules.

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